Solo Sessions

By working one on one together, we will be able to explore and go deeper into various topics/issues/challenges in your life, intimate life, views and beliefs about your sexuality and spirituality. Each session is specifically created for you, your edges, your boundaries and specific learning goals. There is no right or wrong way to come into a session; however, having an open mind, heart and intention works best. Also, if you are partnered or in a relationship—I encourage you to discuss this work with them or work together in Couples sessions. If speaking about sex with your partner feels scary, then go straight to booking a Skype call and I can give you some tips and support.

Sessions are 75mins, though our first session may be closer to 90 mins.

I. Air: The Communicating

Creating Boundaries, Creating Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication & an Agreement Path for Session to follow (which is subject to change or be re-directed by you at ANY moment)

II. Water: The Embodying

Breathwork, Yoga Asana, Embodiment Exercises & Explorations

III. Fire: The Work  

Intentional Bodywork depending on the intention/theme for our session

IV. Earth: The Integrating

Bringing the session, new found insights & feelings back into body and all areas of life

V. Ether: The Reconnecting

I will email you a few days after our session if we agree upon this stage. We can check in and see where the session is sitting with you, discussing any afterthoughts.