what is naked yoga therapy?!

"But what exactly do you do?" "Do I have to be naked?" "Are YOU naked?" I understand. It's a COSMIC sized concept here and could potentially be misunderstood in an even BIGGER way. Let me explain: a Naked Yoga Therapy session can look a myriad of ways depending on what your intention is, what you are hoping to learn and why you are seeking this particular healing modality. Naked Yoga Therapy incorporates and offers embodiment practices, breathing tools, experiential learning to mindfully access deep ecstatic and erotic states to heal, become more in tune with ones body and to connect to BLISS as a lifestyle. Sessions have been illuminating, insightful and healing for people seeking Naked Yoga Therapy for the following:

  • Inability to Orgasm
  • Relief from Pelvic Pain
  • Scar Tissue Remediation
  • Orgasmic Yoga Coaching
  • Couples Wanting to Enhance Their Sex Life
  • Learning to Give and Receive Pleasure
  • Understanding Conscious Touch
  • Increased Life Force & Enhancing Libido
  • Freedom from Sexual Shame, Guilt, Anxiety & Inhibitions
  • Recovering Sexual Functioning And Pleasure after Childbirth; Genital, Pelvic or Breast Surgery; Trauma
  • Accepting and Loving One’s Body, Gender and Sexuality
  • Hormone Therapy & Sexuality Changes
  • Understanding Anal Pleasure
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Becoming more Embodied and Free
  • Referred by a Therapist, Doctor, Social Worker, Massage Therapist


how it works...

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  • Schedule a 15min Info Call to ask any questions and explain any answers from form(s).
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I love Candice! Maybe it’s her relaxed and candid demeanor or her sensitive confidence, or maybe her gentle yet able hands, but she puts me right at ease so I can open up and receive fully with surrender and trust. I’ve received both yoga therapy and sexological bodywork from her and I’ve observed her evolving in her practice to what I now see as a holistic combination of both. Using the potency of sexuality and the many blocks and traumas stored in our intimate parts, we can access the deeper wounds and negative patterns that need healing. I believe everyone can benefit from this loving therapeutic approach and who better than Candice to be our trusted guide down the path of self-love and complete body/mind/spirit wellness.
— -Devlin Goldberg, USA
Naked Yoga Therapy shone a bright light on my dormant tantric self and helped awaken in me a fresh perspective on my daily life, the depths of which I’m still exploring.

Candice has a warmth and light that instantly put me at ease and allowed me to let down my guard in the best possible way. I was able to open up my heart and fully receive her teachings as my mind and spirit relaxed in her presence.

Whether you’re looking for enlightenment, guidance in your relationships, or lessons in the art of love, a Naked Yoga Therapy session will be time well spent on your path.

I’m continuing to use and explore what I learned from Candice every time I make love with my partner. The knowledge keeps getting juicier and sweeter with each passionate exploration.
— N.T. California, USA