Women’s Sessions


Since October 2017 with the revealing and exposing of misused power, sexual abuse, extreme gaslighting and the sweep of ME TOO all across the country, women’s empowerment work has NEVER been more important—-especially our sexual empowerment, sexual sovereignty and defining exactly what we are no longer tolerating or accepting for our futures. As we dismantle the broader scope of patriarchy, we

must also dismantle our own inner beliefs that have been instilled from the patriarchy about our bodies, our voices and our “limitations”. The deeper we can heal ourselves from within, the more powerful our light will shine for effective global change. My offerings for women include:

  • Finding Your Shakti & Creative Flow

  • Emotional Release Work

  • Clearing Generational and Situational Trauma

  • Sacred Bath Rituals

  • Grieving Loss: Abortion & Miscarriage Support

  • Yoni Massage & Yoni Mapping Sessions

  • Dissolving Numbness, Embracing Pleasure

  • Women’s All Day Immersion (6hr Day Packed with Power, Teachings and Radical Transformation)

  • Weekly Call-to-Action Conference Calls


“Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all women who came before her, and all those who come after her.” -Christiane Northrup

Photography by Rachel Liu @Rachelliuphoto