full day immersion

In this 6 hour full day immersion, we will cover all bases deeply and thoroughly. Feel free to pick a few topics you want to explore and we will go into them in depth, detail and put them into practice. A full six hours of Tantra education, practice and anything you feel would help you on your spiritual or sexual path to freedom and love. (Also: we will explore any blocks in the way to giving/receiving love and being your Highest self possible!)

Your Immersion will Include:

  • Tailored-to-fit custom made day full of experiences, practices, breathwork exercises, yoga practice, sex education, anatomy 101, etc.
  • Learn to Receive Tantric touch AND learn to GIVE Tantric conscious touch
  • BUSTING through self limiting ideas, mental/emotional blocks and anything else in the way of receiving/giving/living in LOVE
  • The Deeper Tantric practices: looking deeper into karma, familial ties & childhood, ancestral healing, cathartic release practices
  • Delicious & Ceremonial Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch: Tantra as True Nourishment
  • Gratitude Practice & Tea/Coffee Ceremony
  • I work mainly on intuition, so that means a lot of room for MAGIC!!

Every person is different, so every session and immersion will be different. The more I know about what you are hoping to learn, change and grow into--the better!


Fill out of contact form, mentioning your interest in NYT Full Day Immersion.