Couples Sessions

I. Couples Tantra Yoga Session

Enjoy a beautiful (G Rated) connected yoga session sprinkled with expertise adjustments, a thoughtful collection of solo and partnered yoga poses encouraged to enhance your spark and your heart, and a guided meditation complete with an aromatherapy Reiki and a neck massage. This may be just the experience that you need (without knowing that you even need it!)

Learn simple Tantra techniques that can be applied everyday (or in moments of unstoppable passion!) for continuing and deepening levels of intimacy, trust and love.

Sessions are 75mins.

II. Package of 3 Sessions

Uncover principles of Tantra as union in a deeper way by meeting for not one but 3 sessions! We will go deeper with intention setting, specifically chosen yoga asanas guided to make Tantric practices more accessible and easeful, continue further with breathwork, energetic anatomy of the Chakras, genital anatomy, possibilities in pleasure, communicating as a meditation and incorporating more spirituality into your lovemaking. Each session is designed with you and your partners needs, desires and curiosities in mind! 

Three 1 hour Sessions

III. Package of 5 Sessions

A very deep and thorough living workshop and exploration to guide you even deeper into your connection, bliss, learning (and sometimes unlearning) designed to take you further into the truth of love, discovery and intimacy. This package includes yoga asanas designed for enhanced connection and love, enhanced and more challenging breathwork exercises to practice together, a tailor made recorded audio guided meditation of your choice, deeper bodywork techniques to enhance heightened states of arousal, energetic and anatomical anatomy exploration, playing with power dynamics and conscious kink & BDSM and playfully engaging in energetic/material manifestation through Sex Magic as a way to turn lovemaking into a living, breathing prayer of love and devotion! This package is 1000% designed for your needs, desires, curiosities and deepening knowledge and experiential practice of sweet, sassy and sacred SEX! Be prepared to have titillating, EXCITING and erotic homework that you won't wait to explore!

Three 1 hour Sessions, two 2 hour Sessions