Yoni Massage 1.

I taught a really fun and sexy Yoni Massage workshop and demo last year. Here are a few tips if you want to please your vulva embodied lovers!

Hi Candice, 
I thought the class you led was fascinating, and it inspired me to write an article on how to give an erotic massage for Maxim. Can you give me some tips and advice on how to do so? I'd love to include some quotes from you. You know, just general ideas on how to give a sexy massage, how to make a massage lead to sex, your favorite massage oils, which body part to focus on...that sort of stuff!



Awesome! Erotic and sensual bodywork/massages are the best!

They can increase arousal states, elongate and intensify orgasms, increase oxytocin which increases our health and happiness, and are an amazing way to deepen the bond and connection between partners.

So at the NSFW workshop, I was focusing on Yoni pleasure (yoni is Sanskrit for vulva, vagina, or sacred abode that pertains to feminine pleasure and energy). The counterpart genitalia would be Lingham Massage (Lingham is Sanskrit for penis, phallus, or wand of light which pertains to masculine energy). As far as energy goes, each individual ofcourse has both masculine and feminine energy polarities. Tantra seeks to harmonize these polarities in the individual to become more integrated and "whole".

Tips I would suggest:

Set up the Space and Cleanliness: Set up the space to be conducive and comfortable to both give and receive. Make sure temperature in the room is nice for both giver and receiver, light a few candles, have some nice smelling essential oils or air cleansing Sage, music or silence. Silence the phones and prepare to have at least an hour or two to not be interrupted. Also, shower before hand! Cleanliness is sexiness.

Breath: The most important part of a Sensual bodywork session is the BREATH for both giver and receiver. If the breath is not there, the mind has too much control and room to wander. The beauty and power in erotic massage and bodywork comes from the ability the breathe and be in the present moment, both for giver and receiver.

Take Your Time Sensuality is about savoring the multilayered moment. So much of our lives are already in a rush, our sexuality and sensuality should be savored and the power in doing so can really make a difference in our lives. We can enter trance and meditative states when we touch and move or receive and breathe with awareness. Flow states take us out of an overthinking cerebral state and put us back in touch with the rhythm of our bodies and with nature. When giving or receiving an erotic or sensual massage, let there be so much time and spaciousness for not only the entire experience, but within each body part. Each body part, erogenous or not, deserves equal time and attention. Taking the entire body into consideration will promote full body orgasms and profound sensational states. Let not the goal be to orgasm, but to enjoy all the moments that lead up to it (if it happens), as well as the space and time afterwards. The whole experience is orgasmic, not just the actual "orgasm". 

So you asked about Sensual Bodywork Leading to Sex...

Tantra and sensual bodywork does not view having sex or orgasms as a "goal" but are most welcomed by consenting partners! I inform people often that it’s wise to separate these things, or at least give a few strictly “just yoni massages” to your partner without it leading elsewhere. The yoni massage IS the event. Sensual and tantric massages can benefit everyone, but more so people with yoni's, I believe. Women's arousal sometimes takes longer or the trust of touch may need more sensitivity. Sometimes a man or lingham equipped person may be at his maximum arousal state, but a women may be only half way there. Erotic and sensual touch for her can provide so much unintentional foreplay: she is breathing, slowing down her mind chatter and thoughts, relaxing more into her body by having her whole body touched, having time to feel comfortable and soften into the moment, and by the time her partner is stimulating her nipples, labia, clitoris, entrance of vagina, urethral sponge, and inside her vagina---she most likely is at her maximum arousal state. Her experience and desire for sex may be twice as great—-though this is not the intention nor goal for giving or receiving a yoni massage.

Sensual bodywork on its own can be THE sexual experience or the appetizer that leads to sex or other play. Sensual bodywork can be erotic, steamy, playful, silly, but can also illicit a depth of emotion and memory that lives and rests in our genitals if we have the time, sensitivity, and patience to explore it!

Some of my favorite supplies:

-cold pressed Coconut oil (great for body and genitals) I used to use various types of body oils and lotions—-but I think Coconut oil is the most natural and kind to all body parts and won’t effect the vaginas pH.

-Young Living essential oils (not ok for genitals)
-Paddywax candles are the best :)

Most important supply: your PRESENCE

Article from Maxim can be found here…with added “Click Bait” as you can see….eye roll.


Candice Hammack