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Sacred Pleasure: Exploring Yoni Massage & the Yoni Egg

  • nsfw: new society for wellness Brooklyn, NY (map)

At Sacred Pleasure we'll be exploring the spiritual side of sex, taking you through ancient practices which will help you tap into sensual energies, one chakra at a time. Be guided through sensual touch, yoni anatomy, yoni massage and yoni egg practices.

The evening will include therapeutic meditations designed for aligning your sexual energies.

Love is regarded as the highest vibrational emotion there is, because it is the harmony of all emotions. Just as we have to mature our perception of what magic is, we have to mature our perception of love. We assume that love is something that comes naturally. That love is just there, something we experience or we don't. But love can also be seen as an art form, one that we can study and practice, just as a musician learns her instrument. And just as any musician will tell you about music, in love, there is always more to learn."  

- Excerpt from Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure written by Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs