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Soul, SEX & Samadhi: A Retreat to Reconnect you with your Soul, Purpose and Essence

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Soul, Sex & Samadhi: A Retreat to Reconnect you with your Soul, Purpose and Essence

May 9-13th 2018

A quick fix, a short intense peak, an easy sexual high. It is maybe satisfying for a moment but it doesn’t open new fields of Ecstasy. Only when we go off the beaten track, we discover new pathways and we can open and surrender to deeper pleasure.

Our bodies carry huge orgasmic potential. We just have to remember how to open, how to relax and how to feel. Many times we tense up or hold back, afraid that when we open, unpleasant feelings also arise. So we block, we numb ourselves and we try to be satisfied with shallow experiences, both in sex as in life.

In this retreat we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and dive with us in the world of Soul, Sex & Samadhi.


In daily life we often forget to feed our soul. We are so busy with work, school & social activities, that the nourishment of our soul usually ends up at the bottom of the list.

In this retreat you re-connect with your soul, your purpose, your essence. You will find your way back home, returning to who you truly are.

We will do practices, meditations & sharings to feed, nourish and celebrate the soul.


There is a lot of confusion around sex. When you practice sex on a purely physical level, your body might be satisfied but deep fulfillment cannot be found through the body alone.

The real gem is in the sexual energy, cause sexual energy is our most vital energy. When you discover how to open, activate and use your sexual energy you can heal your mind, your body, your heart and your Soul.

When you ride the waves of high sexual enegry, you experience overwhelming full body Ecstasy!!!

We will do Tantric rituals, Orgasmic practices & Sacred Sex Healings to re-awaken your sexual field.


Samadhi means that you are in Ecstasy, in bliss, tranquility and light. Samadhi is the most profound state to be in.

Deeply rooted in your soul the illusions of separation between you and the other drops away and you dissolve as ONE........
In Samadhi you experience deep relaxation, trust & an overwhelming feeling of belonging. In most traditions Samadhi is only reachable through many years of meditation.

But in this retreat we will take the high way to Samadhi!
We will do practices & deep meditations to prepare ourselves to enter the stage of Samadhi.



This retreat is guided by 3 amazing international teachers who have years of experience in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra & Sacred Sex & Sexological Bodywork.

Deva Ashik - Portugal

“I am really made from star powder connected at atomic vibration with all. With all the universe, with all alive beens. The body is my temple. Presence is my gift. Remembering the divinity is a mission. Good is all. Remembering how to make love. How to be love. To recognize the sacred act of creating life. Of connecting with the life source energy. Living in union. Sex in meditation is a direct door to the source. Feeling myself when I am with the other. Observing the union. That is what I have to share.”

Ashik follows the path of Unity in the practice of Meditation that reveals the holiness in service of Sacred Sexuality. He has 2 masters degrees and is completing a PHD in Sexology. He is a certified therapist in Tantra, Learning Love and Advanced Rebirthing. Beyond this, Ashik is in constant pursuit of practices, rituals and teachings of Tantra in India.

He has worked from Primal to Shamanism, Holistic Massage to Emotional Expression, Bionergetic to Sufism. He leads Tantra groups and workshops around the world and was deeply touched by Osho’s Active Meditations through the 3 keys of Freedom: Breath, Sound and Movement.

Ashik’s joy is expressed through gratitude for life. He believes that the great shift is to stop trying to change and accept what is, in sync with Mother Earth, in acceptance of the Heart, in Sacred Consciousness and Presence.

Candice Leigh - USA

Candice Leigh is a healing Goddess from Texas living and thriving in NYC. With over a decade of teaching and practicing yoga, she is still constantly humbled by the remarkable teachings, insights and delights yoga and body awareness practices can bring. Yoga ultimately led her to discover Tantra, blending and merging the two to create a spiritual path that is practical, transformative and fun! She believes wholeheartedly that the alchemy of sexual and spiritual energy can heal, create more passion and zest for life and can awaken one to more love, wisdom and purpose. She has experience assisting individuals and couples curious about tantra, yoga, desiring deeper levels of intimacy and wanting to heal or heighten facets of their sexuality. Candice is a 600hr trained Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Sexological Bodyworker and has studied Tantra with various world known teachers. She teaches individuals, couples, and workshops in NYC. She loves to travel, read, take leaps of faith, play with puppies and live lightheartedly, yet deeply.

About Kaya Jiwan - The Netherlands

In a culture that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honor and celebrate our sexual energy, Kaya Jiwan invites you to discover the unknown.

To feel, to breathe, to moan, to scream, to love, to release, to penetrate, to shiver, to express, to merge, to dive, to play, to live & to surrender.

She is here to awaken your Orgasmic Potential and to guide you on your path of Sexual Transformation. Kaya learns you how to re-connect with your source of magical power, to come home to your body and to surrender in Orgasmic Ecstasy.

When you work with Kaya you experience the merging of body, mind and soul in full Orgasmic Bliss.

Kaya Jiwan is founder of the Orgasmic Revolution and the School for Sexual Transformation.

This Retreat Is For You:

Stunning location in Portugal
Daily Vegan Meals & Snacks
Early Morning Practices (Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork)
Full day workshops ( Tantra, Sexual Transformation, Orgasmic Bodywork) Rituals & Sacred Sex Practices

What You May Experience:

Deep connections with yourself & others Playful encounters
Orgasmic Intimacy
Soul Healing

Full Body Orgasms
Oneness & Bliss
Ecstatic Love, Joy and Happiness

Sacred Space

We are here to create a safe space for your sensual exploration & emotional growth. In the workshop we will use clear boundaries, at the same time we will also invite you to explore the borders of your comfort zone. All sessions are sleaze free, nudity is optional and experience is not needed.



The price for this retreat is 750,00 Euro per person, based on a shared bedroom ( 4-6 persons per room)

There are a smaller shared rooms & a few single bedrooms, if you prefer to stay on your own. (See details below in Accommodations)

We ask for a deposit of 250,00 euro to secure your spot in this retreat.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel for any reason, try to find another person to fill your spot. If you or we cannot find a person to take your spot, there is no refund of your deposit of 250,00 euros


CCI 674 – Moinho da Rocha 8500 – 140 Mexilhoeira Grande

Awakeland is conveniently located a 20 min distance by car from various cities (Portimão, Lagos and

Monchique), and 15 minutes from the beaches of Alvor in Portimão and Meia Praia in Lagos.

Awakeland is a 60 minute drive from Faro airport and 3 hours from Lisbon.

By Train or Bus

You can travel from Lisbon (or anywhere else in Portugal) to the Algarve by train (, bus ( or a small airplane (

There is a bus stop right outside our door (Bus 21*) and a train station only 15 mins away (Portimão**), from where you can arrive to Awakeland Portugal via the bus 21 or a taxi.

* Bus 21 – leaves from Portimão, Largo do Dique. Consult schedules in To arrive to Awakeland Portugal, get off at TERRA VELHA (or alternatively, at 1km distance MONTES DE CIMA or MOINHO DA ROCHA).

** Coming from Lisbon, you must switch trains in Tunes. Take the train in direction Lagos and get off at Portimão. If you come from Faro via train, get off at Portimão.

By Car

Please see for directions via car by the following cities:

Aljezur, Faro, Lagos, Lisboa, Monchique, Portimão, Silves


Option 1: The Pod

Enjoy a shared room of 4-6 people of similar gender. This is the basic option and is included in the 750 euro price.

Option 2: The Triad

Enjoy a triple room with maximum of 3 people of similar gender. This option is an additional 40 euros ( total, not per night) added to the 750 euro workshop price making your retreat experience a total of 790 euros.

Option 3: The Single or Cozy Couple

Enjoy a single room with a double sized bed. This is also a perfect option if you are coming alone and want a bit of privacy or if you are coming with your beloved as a couple. This option is an additional 160 euros per person (total, not per night) added to the 750 euro workshop price making your retreat experience a total of 910 euros.


3 Meals each full day included in retreat.
All meals are 100% vegetarian. There is always potable water for consumption available.


If you have additional questions, please send a message to (Kaya) (Deva) (Candice)


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