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Tantra 101: An Exploration into Divine & Deeper Connection

  • Easton Yoga Easton, PA USA (map)

Do you desire to connect with yourself and others in a deeper, more present and harmonious way? Do you want to turn a room full of people you don’t know into soulmates? Tantra, though in the west has been associated most closely with tantric sex (and though it certainly can go there) actually means by definition to weave, to loom, to expand, and to stretch consciousness.

The first half of the workshop will have a solo exploration piece, or “doing our own work” focusing on deeper self inquiry through meditation, yoga, introspective journaling, an intro to emotional release exercises and powerful tantric breath work to connect you deeper to your Self. We will go through the layers of the koshas, or sheaths that cover our true nature: pure awareness, love, consciousness and bliss!

The second half of the workshop will be centered on sharing this true core nature of pure awareness with others in an authentic way through a series of experiential heart-centered practices such as group pujas, or prayer rituals, partner work and working in small groups. All connecting exercises are clothed, are light (if any) touch, conscious and will be prefaced with a deep understanding of personal boundaries and ways to communicate those boundaries.
    Expect a workshop where you are given a space to bring any part of yourself, a space to explore movement and freedom, a space to ask questions, a space to get to know others on a deeper level and a space to move beyond the mind and straight into the heart of your soul.

Please bring a journal, a pen, comfortable clothing, an open mind and open heart