Vesc of Pisces

And the world opens twice as deep.

Expands twice as far.

Fuck, my love is limitless. Fuck, my body is wise and oozing with sensation and wisdom and dying more and more every second.

How do I want to choose my time this time? Little deaths, big deaths. Too many days of non-living, forgetting to mark and find value.

See in technicolor, breathe invisible waves, Will and craft your ESP, feel sound, hear the muted, turn off the busy and get busy with love, let the bones run themselves to their destiny.

Know that you have a destiny. This was all destined. Follow the thread.

No more wasting precious sparks for things that don’t spark me.

Wake up to wasting time.

Novel wisdom.

My love is bigger than my fear. I repeat: My love is bigger than my fear.

Ready? More expression. More love. More wilderness. More fireflies. More pillow talk. More orgasms. More pleasure. More God. More Jesus. More Goddesses running naked in their birthright of ecstasy. More understanding of pain. Greet pain. More Gratitude. More space. More and less. Less is more.

Slow down and love your lover as deliberate as a heart surgeon operating on a feeble child.

Love slow and deep as if your mindfulness could cure cancer.

Look at her like it’s the last time. Things can change and spin into inconceivable chaos in a mere 24 hours.

Wake up. Stop chasing money. Stop chasing what doesn’t matter. Let it come to you. IT WILL.

Let yourself go. Let HER go.

Give it space, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, give her space!

"Oh, Jesus, keep loving me!" Quivering and shaking from the portal of Pisces, from the space of no boundaries, interwoven, interwoven, enter, inter the innermost CENTER. 

Love like a Mary.

Throw your love all over society. Only the wise ones will ever know to see through the illusion and delusion of a lens that sees the love of a Mary as pure profanity.

Pure profanity: it's where I find my ecstasy.

If they toss you, know that they are just tossing their power over to you.

You fucking God and Star Sent Priestess of Magic, Moon and Blood, you better keep loving.

You must come and you must come out.

Give me space.

Give yourself space.

Slow it down and temper your heat.

Find love in boredom.

Find love in the fever.

Ache for your freedom.

See your negative thinking as a disease polluting your brilliant fire with ash right before the magic really starts to engulf the house in your heart.

Don’t stop your dreamcatching and don’t stop right before she’s about to come.

Dirty your sheets and your mind to clean up your soul.

Love on purpose.

Touch on purpose.

Choose your lover(s) carefully and wisely.

They become you, and you them.

A parasite or a persimmon.

Forgive those not capable of loving this way but move on because earth angels exist.

Experience love like you have been giving it to others your entire life even if it’s never been remotely or even close to reciprocated.

If this amount of love moves through you, then you have permission to feel it for yourself too.

Candice HammackComment