Female Ejaculation

Amrita: The Magic of Female Ejaculation

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in female ejaculation?

Up until a few years ago, I didn't. Magic, yes---just not that people with yoni's (sanskrit for vulva) could actually ejaculate. It always seemed like this mystical situation that people talked about, happened purely by random chance, could never be predicted and only blessed the chosen ones. I figured some people could ejaculate and others could not. I figured, I was certainly not one of them.

The things I know now: magic is real, female ejaculation is definitely real, ALL people with vulvas have the potential to ejaculate and all magicians certainly have techniques and explanations for the illusive. We see it as magic but behind the magical esoteric, is a functional, practical and supportive logic to be able to weave and let the magic flow through.

That's why I made you 10 Magical Steps for Finding your Amrita Magic! But first, a little background info...



What does Amrita mean?

  • “Nectar of the Goddess” and was honored as a sacred female excretion in some parts of India. “Since sex was viewed and used as a highly spiritual expression, it is of no surprise that one of its physical manifestations, ejaculate fluid, would also be viewed as spiritual and studied in detail.” (Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, Deborah Sundahl).

  • The Taoists refer to female ejaculation as the “Third Water”. “The ancient Taoists regarded the woman’s fluids as being vital both for herself and her lover. The third water comes with the height of orgasm; it’s what we think of as the female ejaculation and completes the internal balance of Water and Fire in the woman and in the couple.” (Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, Mantak Chia)

What is Female Ejaculation?

  • IT'S NOT URINE. Amrita or female ejaculation is actually prostatic fluid, glucose and very small amounts of urine

  • Only a very small portion of female ejaculate is white, creamy or of the substance of ejaculate from a penis

  • The taste and smell of female ejaculate changes with the menstrual cycle

Where does it come from?!

  •  The “Skenes” glands, a group of glands embedded around the urethra

  • Skene’s Glands will be replaced by the term, Paraurethral Glands

  • Sexologists refer to the Paraurethral glands as the Female Prostate…still a bit controversial in our “only men have prostates” world.


10 Steps For A Successful Amrita (or Female Ejaculation):

1. Talk About This First. Do not just try all these techniques without first having communication about what the F you are about to do. She's gotta be comfortable with this process and she's gotta know and feel that YOU ARE TOO. No Shame in this Amrita game! Amrita is refreshing, beautiful, feels amazing and is so natural. If he can ejaculate, so can she.

2. Extended four play. For emotional reasons but also physical. In women's arousal, it takes time for the yoni's erectile tissue to become engorged, turned on, and for the uterus to move up and out of the way, opening up the magic carpet of the vagina for pleasurable penetration. PLEASURABLE, not tolerant penetration. If arousal is rushed, or if this technique is prematurely tried, it may feel painful and less enjoyable---especially the urethral sponge (or G spot) that we will be focusing so much on during female ejaculation. The emotional reasons are certainly important too: a yoni that feels safe will feel safe to experiment, be truly seen and really make a splash! :)

3. Lots of Coconut Oil. I mean lots. Touching the yoni for an extended period of time can dry up the tissues. Coconut oil has been my favorite; it's 100% natural and won't disrupt vaginal pH.

4. Get Tissues Ready. Alright, so to be honest---the first 10 or so times that I touched my girlfriend in this tantric, mindful and loving way---she cried. Sometimes there were many tears, sometimes just a few. Sometimes she yelled. Sometimes she went quiet. Sometimes she pushed my hand out. Sometimes she pulled me close to feel my heart closer to hers. Sometimes she wanted to talk about it. Sometimes she didn't. Sometimes I didn't know WTF was going on, but I let go of my need to know and my need to "fix" the situation or offer an immediate solution. I let her be herself, and I just was there. Quiet, attentive, present. If I didn't get a response maybe I whispered, "baby, do you need anything?" or "love, do you want some water?" My advice if you encounter any of these responses, don't take it personal. Remember, that you are offering something so healing and an extraordinary gift to her---mainly---your presence.

I have a lot of faith and love for tears. I believe that especially with exploring ones sexuality, body, yoni, intimacy and possible traumas---these tears are the healing elixirs that will float you on to the path of ecstatic pleasure! The reproductive organs are governed by the element of water--- OF COURSE there will be tears. Maybe even from your end too.

5. Get a TOWEL ready too! You never know how much prostatic fluid she will squirt or release so make sure you have a towel or two or three under her hips. Also, puppy potty training pads are perfect tools too.

6. Choose the Fingers Wisely. For this technique, use the middle finger and ring finger. For one, they are connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras: SEXUAL POWER, which is the underlying intention for this anyways: we want to make her feel sexually powerful! 

7. Heal to Heaven. The heal of your hand should make and hold a strong connection with her clitoris. This will be fantastically pleasurable. In my experience, when strong G Spot stimulation is happening, it can sometimes feel a little painful---not pain that I need to stop for but more like an intense sensation (and desire to pee). So the heal of the hand on the clitoris helps with getting more pleasure flowing to counteract any feelings of discomfort.

8. Quick Motion. The motion of the fingers once inside the yoni, need to be relatively quick. Of course, start slow (and you are using plenty of coco oil!) but eventually for this magical elixir Amrita to release, a quicker and strong movement is needed. Instead of focusing on the fingers (they WILL tire) so focus on the whole arm moving up and down. Direct this motion from your shoulder, not the elbow or wrist. Your fingers certainly are pressing UP on the Urethral Sponge (G Spot) AND your fingers are countering that lift by also going DOWN to the perrineal sponge. The perinneal sponge is the erectile tissue that is in between the anus and vaginal wall. It's certainly forgotten about but holds a lot of pleasure too. So this strong, firm and slightly quicker UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN motion is what unlocks our loves beautiful, pure and highly coveted divine nectar, Amrita.

9. Listen for the Song. There is an undeniable sound that will happen when Amrita is about to flow. It sounds like a slirping, or a sucking, or juicing. You will know when you hear it and you will probably never forget it.

10. AMRITA ANGELS ARE SINGING! She has ejaculated and it's a wonderful celebration! It's an incredible release and can feel pleasurable, yet may not be connected to an orgasm you are used to having or seeing---but it certainly is ONE of the many ways a Goddess can orgasm. Honor her, honor yourself, love her, love yourself, cuddle her, cuddle yourself.

Extra Tip #11. Be Sensitive and Strong. So you just awaked a very deep layer of the emotional body…if tears did not happen during this exploration, know that they may be closer now than other times. Amrita makes me emotional, perhaps not every time…but often enough to mention. Be strong enough to catch ALL the sacred waters…tears and all.

My life doesn’t go a day without hearing about someones sex life—-so write to me and let me know if these steps were helpful!

In Service to Shakti—-




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